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Super Tea

TeaCo Product Line

Who is TeaCo?

Established 2009 in Telluride, Colorado, TeaCo Biological Supply is a private label brand with a diverse portfolio of products including proprietary blended beneficial organisms, bamboo silica, living liquid cultures, worm castings, and planting media.  

TeaCo Biological Supply products provide cost effective, environmentally sustainable solutions to move ourselves away from the traditional agriculture plant fertilizer model.  TeaCo Biological Supply products and services have a 12+ year track record of proven performance which has improved, restored, and saved thousands of acres. 

Our Mission

TeaCo Biological Supply is on a mission to regenerate and restore the world's depleted soils.


TeaCo values are defined by the concept of "What is good for people, and planet, is good for profits." TeaCo Biological Supply believes we have a responsibility to Offer, Educate, Encourage and Empower our clients towards  sustainable models of agriculture practices.

TeaCo Biological Supply products create a much needed balance of "Trust" or "ROI" (Return On Involvement) between fertile living soils, our local biodiversity, farming techniques, soil quality, water retention, plant performance and Mother Earth's natural cycle of life. By integrating sustainable concepts into our modern economic model and articulating a reallocation on our ideas of "progress," it is possible to bridge the gaps between our ecological footprint, and economic expectations.

Let's Grow Together!

For more info contact us at:


Toll free: 855.955.5336

Instagram: we.feed.the.soil

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