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“Since I started using TeaCo Biological Supply living liquid culture technology, my plant performance yields have skyrocketed,what else do I need to say?”

J.C., Owner - Good Time Garlic, Inc.

Norwood, CO

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Erika Nolan is a licensed landscape horticulturist and the founder of INSTAR, providing consulting and resources to grow food, flowers and wellness organically! Do you want to grow food but can’t seem to get there along with feeling disappointed and overwhelmed? INSTAR is here to change that! Consider Erika your personal tutor, holding your hand throughout every step of the way to reach the Garden of your DREAMS! Grow Food, Flowers and Homestead all while empowering yourself with life-long knowledge to sustain a healthy lifestyle. 


Keely is a registered nurse (BSN) with a passion for all things healthy, low waste, sustainable, and non-toxic. Especially when it comes to food & the environment. While dreaming of one day owning a large homestead, she had apartment balcony gardens, indoor compost bins, perfected non-toxic living, and mastered skills like canning and making bread and kombucha. All of this work has prepared her to begin her new homestead journey as she adds animals to her large garden & mini orchard, which she fuels regularly with TeaCo! Follow Keely in her journey to learn with her & access courses on all things homesteading! 

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In 2008, Monster Tree Service began as a small tree service company providing arboricultural care to Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. Our founder was committed to promoting the growth of healthy trees and giving homeowners unparalleled service while taking care of their yards and homes. Our teams of professional arborists are committed to providing high-quality services that duly benefit our customers and the environment. That’s why we provide electronic estimates, because our company believes that we're not just providing an excellent tree service—we're helping make the world a healthier, more beautiful place together. 

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