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TeaCo Biological Supply Innovation

TeaCo Biological Supply approaches this challenge from the start by "FEEDING THE SOIL". This shifts the plant nutrition focus on to "LIVING ORGANISMS" which cannot be replicated by synthetic nitrogen or phosphorus fertilizers. 


This "NATURALLY OCCURRING" competitive advantage allows TeaCo Biological Supply products to outperform all synthetic fertilizers on the market. 


TeaCo Biological Supply products can be custom formulated to our clients needs in powder, liquid, or living liquid form. TeaCo Biological Supply powders are 100% soluble. TeaCo Biological Supply proprietary Living Liquid Cultures formulas will provide our clients with an unmatched competitive advantage within all sectors of the agriculture & horticulture industries.


TeaCo Biological Supply products can be used on all soils/plants including but not limited to commodity feed crops, human food crops, lawn & landscapes, flowering ornamentals, native flora/fauna, succulents, medicinal herbs, forests, trees, grasslands, wetlands, etc.



Industry Overview:

Current industrial farming practices make soil infertile and negatively impact the growth of crops. Synthetic chemical fertilizer overuse has disastrous effects on streams, rivers, lakes, and any body of water.

TeaCo Biological Supply products are plant based, non toxic, child & pet safe, and will not adversely pollute streams, lakes, rivers, or any body of water.


Synthetic chemical fertilizer overuse will increase overall nitrate & phosphorus levels in soil, which then creates toxic soil & water environments. Given that over 95% of all crops are produced in soil with local water, this has a profoundly negative impact on the health of the human body itself.


Toxicity buildup is known to produce negative effects in humans such as different forms of cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, autoimmune disease etc.

Additionally, an estimated 24 billion tons of fertile soil are lost each year due to erosion. That’s 3.4 tons per person, per year with sedimentation in waterways, clogging streams & rivers. Thus causing a decline in other species, and an overall increase in pollution downstream.

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In addition to developing & deploying products that decrease pollution, reduce carbon  footprint, increase yields, lower risk, eliminate chemical & pesticide use.


TeaCo Biological Supply continues to research, explore, improve, and capitalize on the most innovative, all natural non toxic  market segment, which places a high value on the health and well-being of the soil.


Thus providing proven cost effective solutions to these large-scale problems like abandoned farmland, under performing lawn & landscapes, chemical & industrial scarring, mining damage or depletion, soil erosion control, etc. 


Past vs. Future


TeaCo Biological Supply cornerstone values & principles are based on the foundation of leaving the environment in a better condition than when we found it.


We believe in the Thomas Jefferson approach that true security rests in the health and wellbeing of the soil. The soil represents an unconditional human relationship that goes back to the beginning of civilizations, both advanced and not.

With numerous limitations, increasing government regulations, negative pollution side effects, and increasing costs, the current
agriculture industry and chemical plant fertilizer model is un-sustainable.


The soil flexes its strength the most, through a healthy well nourished living network based on a diversity of billions of organisms working together symbiotically.


A healthy plant, and a healthy planet, is the bi- product of a healthy soil.


Lower Risk

Increase Yields

Build Soil Health


Let's Grow Together!

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